Interior Trim, Lighting, Painting & Flooring

Why should you call a home remodeling general contractor for your painting needs or for your flooring needs? Should you call a painting company or a flooring company instead? This is where relationship comes in! We will guide you to make the best choices, and yes, our costs are competitive, and you can be sure that when unexpected things come up during the project, we can handle it. Home remodeling is different than new construction. New construction painting or new construction flooring is the same practice over and over. With home remodeling, your floor may have dips or squeaks and special leveling may be needed. Or if your new floor is a different height than before, then adjustments need to be made to your door trim, base trim, etc. You can be assured that our finished cuts will look professional. Same with your electric needs, should you call an electrician for new lighting? Will the electrician make the necessary cuts and patches and finish like new? What happens if blocking is needed in the ceiling to support a light fixture? We do it right the first time without multiple visits. Trust us for all of your interior needs.